About me

Łukasz Liszko - fotografia / cosplay / 3d / fotomanipulacje / digital art

My name is Lukasz Liszko and I’m a 3D Generalist specialized in hard-surface modeling/realistic rendering, Photograpraher and Digital Artist with 10+ experience in the industry from Poland.

My latest clients and projects were made for: Insight Editions/Warner Bros/DC Comics, Insight Editions/LucasFilm, IllusionCrafters/Ubisoft, Dabarti Studio and other well known companies.

Also I’m a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy literature, video games, tv shows and movies what you can see in the subjects of my works – both 3d and photography. And as a photographer I’m mainly focus on cosplay and alternative photography which is also strongly connected with the CGI photoshoots I make with the usage of 3d art and matte painting/photobash techniques.

Software and skills

3ds Max, V-ray, Substance Painter, ZBrush, XNormal, Photoscan/Metashape, Unreal Engine, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, Affinity Photo

Hard-Surface modeling, Realistic rendering, Vizualizations, PBR Textures, Photogrammetry, Photography, Photomanipulations/Composite Photography

tel. +48 886 261 770 / kontakt@lukaszliszko.com / lukasz.liszko@gmail.com